Attendance to the SEREA seminar

AGRIPRO AMBIENTE attended the SEREA 2019 Seminar  in Lisbon, Portugal, on 15th, 16th and 17th July 2019.

The SEREA 2019 Seminar took place in Lisbon and involved companies, institutions and professionals from Ibero-American countries. This seminar covered the technologies and challengers related to water and wastewater treatment and distribution.

This Seminar is an important forum where professionals meet, debate and transfer knowledge related to the water cycle. It also promotes the innovation in the water supply and drenage sectors.

PORTABLECRAC project took its part on it. A 15 minutes oral presentation was done by AGRIPRO (Maria Helena Ferreira) on the subject dedicated to circular economy with the title “Solução Portável Para a Regeneração Eletroquímica do Carvão Ativado”.

The oral presentation included the PORTABLECRAC project overview (partners, goals and phases), the activated carbon market analysis in Portugal, the prototypes description (10 kg and 100 kg “Batch” prototypes, the 15 kg CE prototype and Small CC prototype), the results of some spent granular activated carbon electrochemical regeneration tests and the works that will be developed in the future namely the technical and economical validation of the prototypes.


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