ENVIROHEMP visits Manufacturer of Industrial Textiles in Germany

The purpose of the visit is to achieve mutual understanding on typology of solutions suitable for LARGE CC Prototype

R&D Manager from company Envirohemp visited the Headquarters of a well-established company in the sector of Industrial Textiles located in Germany. At the meeting both technical and commercial representatives from the company were involved.

Envirohemp presented the overall scope of the Project PORTABLECRAC addressing the technical particularities of the electrification of the Belt Press technology. The Textile Manufacturer confirmed their will to support the project as an external developer of the Electrokinetic Belt. In this context, the Pros and Cons of both Catalogue and Tailor-made solutions were explored.

As the main results of the meeting 2 textile solutions were preliminary screened as candidates for further evaluation. One of them is 100% metal textile based on proprietary technology. The other one implies a tailor-made hybrid textile with 3 different materials combined. The technical feasibility of manufacturing the hybrid solution was demonstrated during the visit, by using a full-scale weaving machine.

A tentative calendar of collaborative actions was established, including a new subtask –not considered prior to the meeting- addressing the validation of the 100% metal textile in the SMALL CC prototype, among other actions to be executed within the next 6-8 months.


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