PORTABLECRAC: Review meeting of the first 18 months

On 10th of May, PORTABLECRAC partners met in Valencia to carry out a review meeting of the project.

PORTABLECRAC’s Consortium presented in detail the work done so far, demonstrating results, facts and achievements  during its first 18 months’ lifetime. The EU was represented by Anne Morrisey as an external evaluator. The review meeting had the purpose of assessing the status of the project against the proposal, in order to establish any mitigation measures that may be necessary. This meeting served to determine the actual picture of the project and implement the necesary changes on tasks, deliverables, milestones and their deadlines. The commitment of the different partners along the project’s half-life, as well as during the review preparation was excellent, leading to important achievements, and a comprehensive defense of them in front of the the EU expert.

The relevance of both the impacts and the Key Value Proposition was assessed during the meeting between the partners and the external evaluator.

The PORTABLECRAC project brings a sustainable and long term solution, creating direct and indirect employment in the “service sector” of the UE. PORTABLECRAC’s KEY VALUE PROPOSITION solution to water treatment: 86% reduction in cost per kg/AC Vs SoA and 4 times reduction in CO2 emissions Vs SoA

The Innovation products of this project are:

  • 4 portable prototypes (Batch Prototye/CE Prototype /small and large CCP) to adapt to AC carbon regeneration client needs (Small-medium-large)
  • Wastes treatment to close the “loop”

Visit to the PORTABLECRAC prototype

Within the first 18 months of the project, the scale-up prototypes are being built. As a result, the Consortium went to Emivasa facilities (Water Treatment Plant “La Presa”) to see the Batch prototype, which is being tested there.

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The Batch prototype at lab scale was developed by University of Alicante (UA) based on its patent. It has been scaled-up by EMIVASA with the help of UA and Envirohemp.

Go Hub Innovation

The meeting was held at Go Hub Innovation (Global Omnium). This space, situated in Valencia, is the first open innovation hub focused on Deep Tech companies that leverage digital transformation in the industry and the water sector to improve the quality of life in cities.

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