Technological and economic objectives in PORTABLECRAC show the combination of materials research and their application in an environmentally sustainable manner. This project will adapt the existing electrochemical technology to exhausted carbon regeneration following the subsequent objectives:

  • OBJECTIVE 1To provide flexible, compact and integral solutions for exhausted activated carbon regeneration that meets the needs of clients.
  • OBJECTIVE 4To demonstrate the positive environmental impact of this electrochemical technology.
  • OBJECTIVE 7To provide a new regeneration solution, specially directed to water treatment plants and chemical industry, which will reduce energy consumption and operational costs.
  • OBJECTIVE 2PORTABLECRAC aims to be a real alternative to thermal regeneration as the most common regeneration technique.
  • OBJECTIVE 5To reduce waterwastes by more than 50%.
  • OBJECTIVE 8To elaborate a techno-economic analysis and a business plan in order to validate the economic and industrial feasibility of the portable electrochemical activated carbon regeneration device.
  • OBJECTIVE 3To demonstrate, at industrial operational environment, a BUSSINESS CASE including cost reduction by more than 50% compared with thermal regeneration.
  • OBJECTIVE 6To validate, at pilot scale, the technical and economic benefits of PORTABLECRAC in view of process efficiency, reliability and operability
  • OBJECTIVE 9To deliver a robust production line for PORTABLECRAC solution to approach scalability and replicability worldwide.