Manuel Román

Mr. Román has a Bachelor degree in Economics and conducted an MBA in the EOI (industrial organizational School) and postgraduate studies in the Swedish School of economics (HANKEN). He has long experience as international project’s director, business development, change management, innovation processes. He took relevant management positions in multinationals (Marks & Spencer, HAB-Grupo Acciona, PERA Innovation). He created the company CONTACTICA in 2004 and he is the current general manager of the company where he coordinates, develops and executes projects in the innovation field, mainly for traditional industries. Specialist in industrial business development at international perspective with wide experience in public administrations and companies at European, regional and local level.

Nuria Valdés

Mrs. Valdés has a Bachelor degree in Environmtal Sciences, with several years of experience in environmental consulting,. She has participated in the management of several environmental and R+D projects (H2020) both nationally and internationally, managing economic and human resources, deadlines, administrative tasks and achieving the objectives, based on key performance indicators (BSC methodology). Besides, she participates in the writing and editing of H2020 proposals.

Carolina Alfonsín

Mrs. Alfonsín gained experience on LCA attending to several international courses and conferences, including a research stay in UGent in Belgium. Moreover, she carried out her PhD thesis on LCA of air pollution control technologies. During this period, she published several scientific papers in international journals and she contributed to LCA methodological improvements. She directed undergraduate student’s final year projects on LCA of different topics including wastewater treatment, agricultural field, nanoparticles and air pollution control, among others. She performs the LCA and LCC of the ongoing European projects in CONTACTICA

Carlos Sanchis

R&D experience gained through his work in several national and international programs as well as 2 pre-doc stays in Southampton (UK) and Chemnitz (Germany). He published 9 articles at international scientific journals and other 21 national and international contributions to scientific meetings as co-author. He has solid academic formation in Electrochemistry and Materials Science and the implementation of different methodologies for the preparation of several advanced materials and catalysts. He is currently coordinating Up-scaling tasks related to Carvoc and Lignofood FP7 projects, while developing new project concepts in close collaboration with academic partners.

Eduardo Segura

Mr Segura has experience in the design of solutions related to a variety of industrial processes (transformation of biogas into hydrogen, recuperation of toluene, purification of trementin). As a result, he has in depth knowledge of process design, industrial equipment, optimisation for energy efficiency and risk assessment and prevention. He is currently coordinating the commissioning of new equipment for advanced processing at Envirohemp’s facilities at pre-industrial and industrial scales. He leads the design of machinery adaptions and production line layouts for each new production process (including AC high-tiers) in the light of compliance with product SPECs and improvement of energy efficiency. In addition, he will be in charge of the coordination of the industrial tests, monitoring each process entering the full scale production stage and will perform the assessment of their potential exploitation based on LCC and LCA considerations.

Emilia Morallón

Doctor Honoris Causa for the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería of Lima (Perú). She has published more than 165 papers (ISI, Web of Science) and 4 Spanish patents. In the last five years, she has been co-author of more than 68 publications. Research in the following areas: i) electrochemical applications of carbon materials (supercapacitors, electrocatalyst support, etc.), ii) preparation and characterization of new electrode materials; iii) synthesis and characterization of conducting polymers and hybrids materials.

Diego Cazorla

He has published more than 215 papers (SCOPUS) and 13 patents. In the last five years, he has been co-author of more than 60 papers. He has also contributed with more than 350 communications to congresses and meetings. His research expertise lies in the following areas: i) preparation and characterization of carbon materials (activated carbons, carbon fibers carbon nanotubes, graphene,,…), ii) heterogeneous catalysis; iii) pollutant removal; iv) energy storage

Borja Ferrández

Mr Ferrández has a University degree in Chemistry and has a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Food Safety. Besides, he has completed his training with several courses in Materials Science. He is currently doing his PhD thesis at the University of Alicante on the electrochemical regeneration of saturated activated carbon within the PORTABLECRAC project

Javier Mascarós

'Environmental scientist specialised in water and wastewater treatment. Gained experience in Scotland as a wastewater process scientist where he was in charge of assuring an optimum water quality discharge in several WWTPs. He developed good communication skills by attending and participanting in various conferences around Europe. At the moment, he works as a R+D Technician in Global Omnium where he leads projects related to water treatment and management'

Carlos Martí Cervera

MSc in Chemical Engineering. He is responsible for no conventional DWTP in Global Omnium. Carlos has more than 10 years of experience in the Integrated Water Cycle management related to techniques of desalination and projects, start-up, development and management of activated carbon, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis. He has been involved in several R&D projects as a responsible.

Virginia Risueño

Mrs. Risueño is an Industrial Engineer by the Polythecnical University of Valencia. She works in the R&D Department of Global Omnium. Currently she participates in the management of several R+D projects both nationally and internationally, managing economic and human resources, deadlines and administrative tasks.

Claudio Cameselle

He is an Associate Professor at the University of Vigo. He has over 20 years of teaching and research experience in the field of chemical and environmental engineering. His research expertise includes: (a) environmental remediation of soils, sediments and groundwater; and (b) engineering applications for waste/recycled materials. More specifically, his recent activity has focused on: electrokinetic remediation of contaminated soils, development of coupled technologies for soil remediation, phytotechnologies for the restoration of degraded sites, advanced treatment processes for industrial effluents, and treatment and valorization of industrial wastes. His research is leading to practical solutions to the real-world problems.

Helena Ferreira

Mrs. Ferreira is a Chemical Engineer with a Master In Chemical Engineer and Biochemistry from Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, specialist in Processes and Industry, with more than 20 years of experience on the environment, safety and control of industrial facilities, environmental risks and training. She has large experience in working with different industrial sectors as chemical, food, refineries. As head of Department she has large experience in team coordination and in dealing with EU projects.

Enrico Cozzoni

He has an M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering, a B.Sc. in Mathematics, and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering. After having worked for several years in academic research projects dealing with the use of advanced materials in automotive, aeronautics and space, in 2007 he started his career as scientist and project manager for different private companies. He works for GradoZero from 2011 responsible for several projects: European, national, regional and trans-regionals. His skills and competencies are related to industrial manufacturing and materials science, especially composites and nanocomposites, and life cycle engineering. In his consulting work and research activity, he also deals with biomaterials, shape memory materials, hydrogels/aerogels, mesoporous structures, and textile engineering