UA and EMIVASA visited EDR plant & La Presa – WTW in Gandia

As part of Portablecrac Project, Universidad de Alicante (UA) accompanied by EMIVASA, visited an EDR plant in Gandía and a Drinking Water Treatment Plant, La Presa.

The aim of these visits was to show UA a bigger scale of the technologies that are being studied in the project, electrochemical treatment and activated carbon filtration.

Firstly, they visited the EDR where the head of the plant explained the process followed by a walk around the facilities. Constant communication was held between both parties where they exchanged knowledge and common issues experienced.

Then, the group visited La Presa DWTP where they could witness the backwash operation of an activated carbon filter. Furthermore, the head of the plant explained and showed them all the process stages. Special attention was paid to the operation, characterisation and costs of the activated carbon.

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