UA showed the advances in PORTABLECRAC in the CESEP’19 Conference

The members of the University of Alicante working in the European project PORTABLECRAC  attended the CESEP’19 Conference and explained the work done till now.

CESEP’19 (https://cesep2019.com/) was the eighth international conference on Carbon for Energy Storage and Environment Protection. The conference was organized by the Spanish Group of Carbon (GEC) and was held in Alicante, Spain, in October 20-24th, 2019. As in preceding meetings, the conference aims at bringing together the scientists, engineers and technologists working on carbon materials and intends to provide a forum for discussion on fundamental and technological scientific aspects of carbon applications related to energy storage and environment protection.

Emilia Morallón, Diego Cazorla-Amorós, Borja Ferrández-Gómez and Samuel Beaumont participated by presenting two posters: Effect of electrode composition and electrolyte flow in electrochemical regeneration of activated carbon in a kilogram batch re  actor and Electrochemical regeneration of spent activated carbons used in different industries. These posters showed the advances made in the 15kg batch electrochemical reactor and in the filter-press cell.

In addition, the UA member Borja Ferrández-Gómez was awarded an Energy & Environmental Science Poster prize for his poster presentation.

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